Your board of directors plays a vital role in the success of your community. Planning and preparation are the key to making the most of your board meetings. Here are a few essential tips for board meetings to make your meetings more productive:

The agenda is distributed prior to the meeting. This gives the board members the opportunity to go over the agenda in advance and ask any questions, as well as prepare themselves for the discussion.

It is recommended to hold your board meeting in a public area like a library or conference room of a local business. This will help reduce distractions, like pets, children or phones that ring, which could interrupt a discussion.

Make sure that a person is charged to take detailed minutes of the meeting. This will ensure that crucial decisions are recorded, and the board will keep a record of the discussions.

Limit the time frame for each agenda item to keep the meeting on track and prevent the meeting from becoming tangents. If you feel that an item on the agenda is taking too long, consider moving it to « parking lots » to discuss later. This will keep the main issues front and center.

Discuss the process of making decisions during the meeting. This will allow everyone to comprehend the discussion and participate, whether it is by consensus or voting.

Encourage C-level officers and their staff to attend the meeting so that they can offer their expertise. This will allow the board to hear directly from the people who are close to the action and are most equipped to give advice.

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