Find out the latest information on computer technology, including subjects such as Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biotechnology, Graphene Technology Battery Technology, and more. Read about the latest research findings from top universities including MIT, Cal Tech and Yale, as well as Karlsruhe Tech and Vienna Tech.

The latest advancements in artificial intelligence systems such as facial recognition or speech are a result of neural networks, densely interconnected meshes that are simple information processors. Researchers have developed a brand new type information processor that could enable more sophisticated devices to mimic the processing power of the human brain.

Engineers have been working for years to develop microprocessors that are more efficient and use less power. They’re now at a new milestone, with a chip that utilizes quantum computing to run billions of calculations per second. All the while still running in the same program as today’s fastest microprocessors.

With data breaches wreaking havoc upon Fortune 100 companies, ruining the reputations of top executives, and forcing historical educational institutions to shut down the doors, safeguarding personal information is more crucial than ever before. However, a lot of security tools fail and some are risky. A group of cybersecurity experts has created a secure and effective way to shield data from hackers.

According to a recent study that found that disorganization is more important than cost when it comes to deciding how IT equipment should be eliminated. This has resulted in a rise in the amount of e-waste. Additionally, Apple adds an OtterPilot feature to its Siri virtual assistant to transcribe customer relationship management meetings and automate CRM data entry.

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