Virtual board meetings can be a great way to reduce costs and the time spent travelling to meetings in person. They also provide the advantages of in-person meetings like a greater variety of perspectives, without the constraints of space and travel expenses. They allow board members to focus on strategic decisions, and help them make them more efficient.

A few Board Meeting challenges and barriers arise when converting from a conventional meeting format to a digital one. Some of these issues can be overcome if the board members are equipped with high-quality video and audio conferencing software. Others will require more effort from everyone in the team. This article will discuss some of the most common problems you could face when arranging your first virtual board meeting and offer some suggestions for overcoming these challenges.

Lack of Engagement

It’s difficult to recreate the intimacy and personal connection of a face-to-face meeting on the internet, however you can still entice board members to participate in discussions online. Start by creating an interactive environment where questions and feedback is appreciated. You can take it further by putting aside time for open discussions.

Audio and video conferencing has seen significant improvements over the years. However certain attendees may struggle to adjust to the digital format. To lessen the risk of technical difficulties, it is recommended to plan a meeting prior to the time, by testing the tool and giving clear instructions to newcomers. Also, you should remind attendees to disable their notifications, shut down any programs that could impact their bandwidth and assign a staff member to assist them with login and provide technical assistance during the meeting, and assist with the preparation of the minutes afterward.

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