Board Candidates are those who will be members of the board of directors for a non-profit organization. A process in place to select and screen prospective board members is vital to ensure that your board is well-staffed at all times. Unfilled board seats lead to business setbacks and make it harder for new members to move into the position.

The process of identifying candidates for board positions is usually conducted by the nomination committee of the board, as well as other interested parties. The committee that nominates will find candidates who have an experience of board level as well as relevant skillsets. Additionally the committee should look at people with high intellectual standing outside of the corporate world (such as academics, government leaders and supranational institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations) and who have a track record of leadership in their field.

After a list of potential candidates has been compiled The board chair can invite them to an interview screening and then a meeting with all members. The board can get to know the applicant and the candidate can get a sense of what it’s like to be on the board.

During the process of voting it can be helpful to have a thorough information about the candidate’s profile that voters can access online. This will allow them to make a better decision regarding which candidate to pick. It could also be beneficial to add a cumulative voting system in your ballot or allow voters to choose « abstain. » Both of these options can be easily configured in ElectionBuddy.

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