Malware can affect the security of a device, steal personal information or slow it down and even hold digital treasures as ransom. Installing antivirus software is a vital step that PC users should take in the face of malware threats that are changing and becoming more sophisticated.

The most effective virus removal software is one that has high levels of detection, a small footprint, and a minimal impact on performance of the system. These programs can be supplied for free or at a cost that is suitable for your budget based on your needs.

Comodo is a well-known name in the world of antivirus and their flagship product, Comodo Internet Security, is rated highly by AV-Test and other independent reviewers. The BOClean tool is an efficient standalone application for removing malware.

IObit Malware Fighter can be a great malware detection tool which helps you to clean and optimize the performance of your computer, secure your privacy and defend against cyberattacks. It also comes with an option to improve the speed of your browser and security.

eScan Anti-Virus is another malware removal tool that is simple to use and includes many great features, such as an effective firewall, as well as an effective anti-ransomware program. It is also compatible with all Windows-based operating systems. It also helps remove junk files, spyware and other traceable files from your computer in order to boost its performance. Furthermore, this program will not use any system resources while running a scan. This program is an excellent choice for all users seeking a simple and efficient malware removal tool.

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