The method we work is changing as technology evolves. But what drives those changes? IEEE conducted an investigation of more than a thousand members and found that the need for a sustainable energy source, broadband/wireless connections, and the use of technology in medical procedures are among the top driving factors. 3D printing and the use of robots to work also scored high.

Engadget offers expert advice as well as product reviews and reviews for those on the search for new gadgets. They also cover a wide range of topics such as science, culture and automobiles. It’s a popular technology website that provides a subscription service to keep you updated with the latest innovations.

Ars Technica, founded over 20 years ago, has grown into an essential resource for tech enthusiasts and users. They cover a wide array of subjects and offer forums to discuss issues like hardware modifications software, hardware, and operating systems. They also have a separate wing called Term Sheet which is an essential read for anyone interested in the business aspect of tech.

The website is owned by the Financial Times, TNW is slightly more irreverent than its parent newspaper and has « the most snarky newsletter in the world ». This site is extremely informative, despite its sarcastic nature. They provide thorough and detailed tablet and phone reviews as well as insightful gadget analysis. Their news coverage is top-of-the-line, and their articles are often more useful than those of other publications.

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