As companies become more aware of how crucial data is to their operations as well, they are more worried about protecting it. This means that they must protect sensitive information from threats such as hackers, natural disasters that can erase storage devices, as well as unintentional deletion or damage caused by employees. It’s a complex task that requires you to balance three main concerns: confidentiality integrity and accessibility.

Secure Technologies and Data Storage

Data storage security refers to a set of physical, technological and administrative safeguards that guard the data and systems from insecure access, tampering or theft. It’s an approach that covers hardware management, application development, and security measures for networks. The most important factor to ensure effective storage security is having a comprehensive security plan with clear policies, planning and procedures.

Based on the industries and countries in which businesses operate depending on their industry, they may be regulated with implications for security of data storage. PCI-DSS and Sarbanes Oxley are examples. These regulations could establish security requirements but they typically leave the choice of the method and technology to the company.

The use of encryption is a well-known and effective method of securing data. It renders files inaccessible until a key has been approved. However the cryptographic processing can slow down applications and impact performance. Intel(r) Software Guard Extensions, like can help increase security and speed up encryption without decreasing performance. This lets companies enjoy the best of both: increased performance and better security for data.

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