If you’re seeking ways to boost the signal strength of your WiFi in your home, office or even in your backyard A WiFi booster can make all the difference. These devices work in tandem with your router to boost the wireless signal and allowing it to travel further and eliminate dead zones.

There are a myriad of Wi-Fi extenders, repeaters and boosters available. Begin by determining which device is ideal for your needs. If you want to get the most performance from your tablet while playing video games, you can choose a wireless extender that comes with adjustable antennes. The antennas can be moved to ensure you get the best possible signal.

Another option is a powerline extender, which uses your electrical wiring to rebroadcast the signal from your router. Connect one of these adapters to an outlet that is close to your router, connect the second adapter into an outlet with power in the location you want to boost signal.

Keep in mind that even though an extender or booster can boost the signal, it will not increase your Internet speed. This is because the wireless signal will be restricted by your current broadband connection speed. But it will certainly aid your devices to work more efficiently and will seem like you’re getting a greater Internet speed. Try restarting your device regularly to improve its performance. This will clear out any old information that might be slowing down your device and help it to run more smoothly.

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