A clear communication is essential for nonprofit board meetings.

It is essential that your board members understand the objectives of their meetings and how they fit in with the overall plan of your organization. Instead of wasting time on small-scale updates that can be communicated via your board portal, or at a the board package meeting, it is important to focus the discussion on the generative goals and make strategically sound decisions that help expand your nonprofit.

Set a specific agenda and send the materials to your board members prior to the meeting. This will allow them to familiarize themselves with the purpose of the meeting. Nothing can derail a productive meeting more quickly than having your board members arrive at their meeting only to review the documents, reports, and other materials they’ll need to participate in discussions at your meeting.

Make sure you include a « mission moment » at each board meeting that showcases real-life achievements and the development of your business. This will keep your board members motivated and engaged for the duration of every meeting. If your mission is posting testimonial videos or images it’s a great method to keep your board members energized and invested in your organization’s success. When it’s time to focus on fundraising or other tasks your board will be motivated to accomplish the goals of your organization. For more tips on running a successful nonprofit board meeting read our article here.


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