The process of making deals can be a lengthy and complicated process especially when relationships with buyers develop through various stages. But it doesn’t need to be slow and manual – with Wrk’s unique automation platform, your team can leverage automations that help to build relationships while preserving the power of the automations you’ve already created.

For instance, if the deal is moved from Lead status to Open Deal in your pipeline You can set up an automation trigger that creates a new task that has the following details Title: Enter a custom title for this task. Task description: Write an overview of the work to be accomplished. Assignee: Select a person to assign the task to. Date due: Select a date and duration to determine the time this task is due to be completed by. Message to send – Add an email address to the message or create a text field to compose it. The message will be sent to the person assigned to the task. Add a Deal token to the message, so that it can include information in the email that is based on the specific deal property.

Another typical use case for automation is delivering presentations. Dealmakers invest a lot of time planning, preparing and delivering their presentations. This can be a challenging and tiresome task. Automation can streamline this process by letting computers to automatically pull data from various public sources to present a more customized and personalised overview of the business to every potential buyer. This can help save time, improve efficiency and boost results.

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