It might seem simple to record minutes of board meetings However, there are many factors to take into consideration to ensure that the process is efficient and accurate. Meeting minutes that are effective provide legal protection and enhance the efficiency of board members.

Minutes of meetings should include important details such as who attended or was absent and when and where the board met. By including these vital details, you can make sure that the minutes are an accurate record of the board meeting, and will serve as a reference for future meetings.

It is also important to remember that minutes shouldn’t transcribe the exact words spoken during the meeting, since this could be problematic in the future if someone were to take the minutes in a different context. It is usually more beneficial to summarize the key points and the results of the discussion, rather than keep track of the length of each item or detail given by a director at the meeting.

Additionally, it is essential that the secretary of the board be prepared to record minutes by having all materials required to capture them with them at the time of the meeting. It is possible to bring a pen and a notebook, or if your organization utilizes a board management software, you can store all the information in a secure board portal. It’s also a good idea to save backup copies of your documents on a harddrive or in print.

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