Virtual Data Rooms are utilized by professionals to share confidential documents. They can save companies time, money and effort and help manage intellectual property concerns. When selecting a VDR vendor it is crucial to select one that has years of experience and can protect your information. A reliable VDR provider must also have good reviews from customers as well as a good reputation. You can find these reviews by checking online customer review sites such as Trustpilot or Software Advice, as well as employee reviews on Glassdoor.

A VDR is an online repository that is secure and allows users to share documents and data, as well as other content. Multiple parties can access it with different permissions and levels of access. This includes lawyers, internal project teams, and potential investors. Administrators control access to these through a permissions system that defines the files and folders that can be accessed, downloaded or printed. Access is also terminated at any point.

CNSC staff can manage the need to safeguard sensitive commercial information of vendors and the need to conduct efficient evaluations and provide clear reports on these reviews. When compared to a traditional data room it is VDR is easy to administer, cost-effective on paper and reduces travel costs for participants. It enables more efficient conversations with the vendor, resulting in bid values which are between 20-30% higher. The VDR is accessible on any device, including mobile devices. This ensures the highest level of security and transparency is maintained throughout the entire review.

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